Why should you opt for the hybrid window?

Why choose the hybrid window?

The windows of your house play a fundamental role. When it will be the time to shop for your new windows, you need to determine the type coresponding to your needs. The hybrid window is an excellent choice beause it combines the strenght of the aluminum and the low heat transmission of the PVC.
The hybrid window is a wise choice that brings together the benefits of each material. With its PVC interior frame and its aluminum facades, the hybrid window promises aesthetics, efficiency and strenght.

The pros

The hybrid window comes in an astonishing variety of colors. The PVC interior frame and the aluminum exterior frame can be different colors… You can choose from a multitude of combination to beautify your house!
Currently, the PVC window is the one with the best energy efficiency but, combining PVC and aluminum, the hydrid window make the most of it. When choosing the hybrid window, you make sure to add to you house a type of window that will not lead the cold and that will provide an effective barrier against extreme temperatures.
Avec ses volets en retrait vers l’extérieur, ce type de fenêtre réduit la condensation intérieure et permet un meilleur alignement des unités vitrées avec l’isolant. In addition, thanks to its external opening up to 90 degrees, it allows you to easily creal the glass from inside the house! It is therefore an excellent choice that requires a minimal maintenance!

Why choose Solaris for the installation of your hybrid windows?

Solaris Québec Portes et Fenêtres Inc. has more than 45 years of experience in the field of doors and windows. So, you make sure to choose a team of experts, dedicated to its customers and faithful to its commitments. We will see with you if the hybrid window is a model that suits your projects. Contact us today for the installation of your windows!