Question 1


I notice that for some time there has been condensation in my windows. What can I do to fix the problem?

Answer 1

Attention should be paid to the ambient humidity or the aeration of the rooms. In winter, the indoor humidity should not be higher than 40%. It is also suggested to remove mosquito nets, in winter and open the blinds, canvas or curtains to facilitate efficient air circulation. Moreover, if the condensation appears between the two panes of a sealed glass, then this is a problem of loosening. It will be necessary to replace the defective glass, see guarantee charter.

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Question 2


What is the potential reduction of transmission of ultraviolet (UV) energy with Low-E glass?

Answer 2

Reduction in UV transmission depends on the Low-E coating used and the construction of the insulating glazing (glass thickness, type of glass, etc.).

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Question 3


What do we mean when we talk about thermal breakage of glass?


Answer 3

The glass expands when heated. The frame that retains the glazing insulating the cover of the thermal radiation that comes from the sun or the interior of the house. For this reason the center of the glazing is warmer than the edge. This temperature difference causes a greater expansion at the center than at the edge of the glass, which causes a tension stress. Glass normally resists these stresses, but it can happen that for special reasons there is glass breakage. In these cases, the manufacturing quality of the insulating glazing could not be called into question.

Question 4


What is the cause of the thermal breaks?

Answer 4

The thermal shock breaks result from stresses generated by a variation in temperature between two zones of the same sheet of glass. This variation may, for example, be established between a part of the window exposed to the rays of the sun and a shaded area.

Question 5


What is the best way to get a quote for my construction or renovation project?


Answer 5

You can go directly to a Solaris (Quebec, Brossard, Boisbriand and Gatineau) sales places, contact us by phone or e-mail us.

Thereafter, a counselor will make an appointment with you, our offices to give you advice and make a free estimate.


Question 6


How to take approximate measurements for an evaluation?


Answer 6


We suggest measuring doors and windows by taking measurements inside your interior frames. One detail that can be useful for the retailer is whether your doors and windows have a molding (woodwork) on the outside that bends their perimeter, as well as the depth required (from the further inside to the further outside).

NEW CONSTRUCTION Generally, the dimensions will be indicated on the plans of your new construction.


Question 7


What is the delivery time to be expected?

Answer 7

The delivery time is determined at the time of the order, according to the regions and the prearranged delivery schedules.

We can deliver doors and windows fast, on request, if our production capabilities allow.

Question 8


Is it preferable to install windows inside existing frames?


Answer 8

No, generally it is better not to install the new windows in the old frames already in place. This technique will reduce the size of your new window. Finally, it will require a multiple aluminum covering to conceal the old frames and the risk of water infiltration will increase.


Question 9


Will I notice a difference in the amount of light between my clear windows and my new Low-E windows?


Answer 9

You will notice a slight reduction in light intensity compared to your old windows. However, most people notice above all the increase in comfort. An insulating glass composed of Sungate® 400 transmits approximately 13% less visible light than the same clear glass and 10% less solar energy.


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