Here are some of our maintenance guidelines* :

  • Check, clean and lubricate your products at least once a year to ensure their proper operation and increase their durability.
  • Clean your products with a mild dish soap (preferably detergent-free) and warm water to prevent any damage to surfaces.
  • It is recommended to use lithium grease lubricant for hardware and metal part.
  • Avoid gritty abrasive cleansers, products containing acetone, ammonia or acid, as these products damage the texture of white and coloured surfaces.
  • Paint or stain all wooden components once the installation is completed.
  • Regularly check and clean sealant joints to prevent rotting caused by moisture infiltration. Apply new sealant if required.
  • Follow the following moisture content range guidelines for your house:


For more information on window’s humidity and condensation, please refer to the following links:

For sealed units, the application of any kind of films on external surfaces of thermal window units may damage the units that are not covered by the guarantee provided by Solaris Québec Portes et Fenêtres inc.

* It is extremely important that you carefully follow the above-mentioned guidelines in order to maintain the guarantee provided by Solaris.