Discover the PVC

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) extrusions for window frames and sashes are not all alike. Some extrusions contain much more material than others. The more air chambers there are in a PVC extrusion – necessary to ensure optimal thermal insulation and the rigidity of the extrusion – the more PVC walls are required to create these air chambers. This is what is meant by multichamber extrusions. This type of manufacturing is obviously more costly to produce. However the advantages are evident; this type of PVC extrusion provides a superior energy rating and will be more robust than a lighter extrusion with fewer air chambers.

PVC is a first-class material for the manufacturing of window frames and sashes because it has unique characteristics that are not found in wood, aluminum steel, or any other metallic building material. PVC does not rot, rust, warp, or peel. Moreover, it does not conduct heat or cold. As you explore this site, you will come to know why experts choose our windows made in PVC.


PVC, a living material

In 20 years, the use of PVC windows has significantly increased and went from five to 60% of the market. The PVC eco-report shows that this raw material has several know environmental qualities as resistance, ease of maintenance, and high energy performance.